Our Services

What kind of services do we offer you?

- Free estimate and walkthrough of your home
- Installation of a Radon System by a Certified Professional
- 15 Year System Warranty and 5 Year Fan Manufacture Warranty
- Free Post-Mitigation Test

Where can I get a Test Kit from?

We do not sell Test Kits, however there are a few places who do!

- City of Fort Collins
- Online at Radon.com
- Local Hardware Store

How do I set up my Post/Mitigation Test Kit?

When setting up for your Post/Mitigation Test Kit follow these simple guidelines:

- Close all windows and exterior doors a minimum of 12 hours prior to deploying test.
- Normal exit and entry is permitted.
- Make sure that you have whole house fans turned off before any testing begins.
- Hang test kit in bedroom or living area in lowest level of home.
- Please do not retest in bathrooms or laundry room.

Your kit will come with more detailed instructions for proper deployment of test.